Expose Yourself

The best thing I ever did for my confidence was…

Writing a blog.

I started writing commercially in college with a book called Graduate Rich. I self-published and sold one copy. After that, I didn’t really publish much of anything. Then, I became a hotel broker.

I needed a way to raise my profile and prove my knowledge and expertise. Someone suggested a blog, and I obliged.

I spent long hours setting up WordPress, designing my brand, and choosing graphics. Still, publishing was the hardest part of starting a blog.

Nobody wants to to be judged. We avoid the limelight like the plague because we can be revealed as the fraud that we are. And then I discovered a very important fact of life.

Nobody cares about your content!

It was crickets for weeks as I waited for readers to show up. I even promoted some content on LinkedIn and Facebook. Still, nobody showed up.

Then, I realized that I just need to deliver value and be patient.

This year, I started to gain traction. More importantly, I started hearing from my readers that my content is helping them.